Saturday, January 18, 2014

Friday Tunic and my Favorite Boots

I'm loving that I have more (and private) photoshoot locations with our new house!! It's awesome. These are the doors to our studio.  Its got a wood stove in it and lots of storage space. We will use it to store our big cooking stuff (Big Chief Smoker, sausage stuffer, Champion Juicer, Canner, extra canning jars, etc).  AND there's room for a big table so I can have friends over to have collage parties, and we can also set up our wind-trainers on bad weather days and ride our bikes indoors!! This can be a total fitness room as well.  So exciting!!  

These grey boots are among my favorites. I got them a few years ago when everything was going on sale after xmas.  They are almost $300 and I got them for $70.  I love those kinds of deals!!

I'm off for a 3.5 hour bike ride today (Saturday) and fingers crossed the weather holds out.  Today is focused on hill repeats. URGH!    Have a super awesome weekend, whatever you do!