Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Meeting Day

Ouch. I don't know what happened but my pants felt annoying today. Like too tight! I went into work and then when I sat down my thought was "this is gonna be a LOOONNNGGGG day".  Here's my problem.  As I make my way through the training season, while I get more lean, my muscles get bigger which sometimes means my upper legs get bigger than normal and the muscles want to pop out of my pants like-- rip right through them. WELL. No exactly but you get the idea.   As I have said many a time before. Me and pants have been arguing for years. Sigh.  Sometimes you just can't have it all!!

Hope you had a super day. What clothing item do YOU fight with on a regular basis? Or do you?

xox J


  1. I sympathize. I'm sure with all your training that your body expands at times, constricting your clothing.

    I have a similar problem with shirts and tops due to my upper chest getting too large from exercising.

  2. Pants also. Particularly the waistband. I love more elastic style waistbands but I always feel like I'm wearing granny pants.