Friday, June 28, 2013

The White Dinner (Diner en Blanc)

Last night I went to the first Diner en Blanc in Victoria. It was amazing!  Do you know about this kind of event?  You have to wear all white, you meet in various locations to then be chaperoned to a pre-determined secret location. Everyone sets up their tables and pulls out their picnic baskets and dines together.  It originated in Paris and has taken off all over the world.

One of my triathlon teammates (above) invited me to this 2 days before the event.  Now, can you imagine the first thing I thought?? "OH GAWD- I have nothing white!!" This, of course was the most stressful for me especially since white is also NOT MY COLOR!!

We ended up setting up the dinner on the grounds of St. Ann's Academy, a national historical site and very beautiful private grounds.  There was beautiful french music playing and balloons everywhere.  People had the most amazing food too!!

Since I was the 'date' my friend organized most of the details and all I had to do was bring the white chairs, an appy and some protein for dinner.
There were amazing outfits there as well.  This is one of my other girlfriends who was sitting at another table with friends.

Of course it was my chance to break out a big beehive hair do.  You can't really see it here but my hair was pretty big. I LOVED IT and would love to wear it like this every day!!

I found this linen jacket at a thrift store when I was madly looking for something white (and cheap) and I ended up finding a really nice designer jacket- however, I was joking that I felt like I should break out a KUNG FU move since it felt more like a karate jacket :)

Yes, I always TOWER over my friends... not easy being TALL.

We ran into our favorite bike shop owner- his shop does all our repairs and hosts many of our triathlon team's parties.

Our little table (below) was the smallest one there- it was 2 tv tables put together with a table cloth over. You had to pack light because you had to park in a central location and then walk with everyone to the secret location (so you had no idea how far you would be walking!!)

If you have an event like this in your city (check the link) I would highly recommend it. It was awesome and so beautiful with all the white.  I will for sure do it again next year and will organize a big group of people to all go together.  Now I have a white outfit too so I am ready to go :)

BY THE WAY: I am very proud of myself-- I did not spill one thing on my outfit!! :)

Happy Weekend. xoxo J


  1. How fun! Glad you had a good time. But... wait! Those shoes aren't white!

  2. ohhh you caught me!! we had a small allowance in the color of the shoes.. heh heh I dont have anything nice in white shoes.. and was NOT going to buy any (couldnt find some at the thrift store. stomp feet!! LOL)

  3. You look amazing! Sounds like such a great event :)

  4. omg this is such an amazing event! everybody there looks spectacular! xox

    check out my latest outfit post on blog! :)

  5. it's amazing :-))
    I love your blog, Would you like following each other by gmail?