Sunday, May 12, 2013

The old jean shirt

Happy Sunday. Well, you might wonder what my weekends are like?  Starting in November through to August my weekends consist of Saturday long bike rides (between 2- 6 hours) and on Sunday a run (anything from intensive hill training to 4 hour runs).  Today I went for a fast 10 km run where I had to run each of the 1km increments faster than the one before it so in theory my last 1 km stretch of the 10 should have been my fastest.

I come home, shower, have a 20 minute nap and eat. Then its time for gardening, housecleaning and grocery shopping.  Sometimes I schedule to do a photoshoot for someone in the afternoon (I take their photos).  On the weekends my outfits are not usually very creative given I am pretty tired and really only care about comfort.

I bought this jean shirt from the mans section of the thrift store and brought it home for fiance. When he put it on we realized it was fitted and actually a womens shirt. A bit bigger than I usually wear but I ended up keeping it.  An old jean shirt is always a good thing to have in the closet if you ask me.

I have also always wanted a necklace with the letter J and I recently found a store with a few different designs of letters. The design I liked best didn't have any J's available so I got this one instead. I'm glad I did because I actually am liking it alot!!

Time for dinner and a movie.  Then pack my lunch and swim bag for my Monday morning 5:30 am swim.

Have a super rest of your day!! xo J

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  1. I applaud the activeness of your life. You put the rest of us to shame.

    Glad to hear the shirt is actually made for women. It'd be troubling to learn you're a crossdresser... :)