Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blue and White

Hi ya! Not much to report today other than I felt pretty good in this outfit. Couldn't walk much though.  I did a 2 hour hard run on Sunday and ended up getting a HUGE blister on the back of my foot so not very good for wearing fancy shoes at work.  I kinda walked with a light touch on one side so a stylish limp.  I am also now recently certified to teach TRX classes.  If you can believe it, I not only did a 2 hour run on Sunday but then did 4 hours of hands on Advanced TRX course so that was alot of exercise for one day-- talk about sore core!! OUCH!!  If you want to know anything about TRX email me!!  Wish I could find some blouses in the same color as the running top I am wearing-- very nice color if you ask me!!

Toodle doo for now lovelies!! xox J


  1. Damn girl...runs and teaching classes.... U go!

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