Tuesday, May 14, 2013


A while back I was playing around with taking photos of my reflection in the mirror.  I know I can share these with you fellow(ess) bloggers since thats what we all do is take photos of ourselves, right?  Is a strange hobby I guess. Especially when you aren't someone who is conceited!!
Hope you had a super day!!  I did TRX yesterday and could hardly move today. OIY it sure works!

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  1. Blogging re-ignited my childhood love of photography. These two self-portraits are great.

    I love how, in the first picture, you've gone a monochrome look, punctuated by the pop of color of your nails. And the composition is perfect.

    The second picture had me scratching my head on how you did it. Then I realized how. Very, very cool! You're as clever as you are smart. And as smart as you are fit. And as fit as you are nice.