Thursday, October 27, 2011

Little Booties

Hello!! I was so busy over the weekend (in a course) and this week has just flown by so fast!! I am up early at at the pool or yoga first thing (before its light out) and then home when it's dark so  outfit photos haven't been so easy to take outside. AND too bad because if I don't say so myself- I have worn some pretty funky new combinations this week.   EXCEPT, how embarrassing-- I don't post for 1 week and then when I do I'm wearing the SAME sweater as last  Thursday... kinda funny actually!  Well, I could say I did it on purpose as  way for you to see a variety of ways to wear this kind of sweater :)

How has YOUR week been going dahlings??  xoxJ


  1. I love the sweater..and the fact you love it so much too....Chloe did the same thing this week. She came to my work wearing the same sweater the last time she was one even noticed, just like no one would have noticed here:) You look this color combo AND.....those hot booties!!

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  2. well it is a very flattering sweater!
    glad you had a good week, hope you have a great weekend!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. I love that sweater on you, so I'm happy to see it again.

    Also, you asked about my red skinny jeans from today's post - they're Old Navy Rockstar skinny jeans in long. I got them a month or so ago, but I'd still look online. And unlike some other skinny jeans, these run true to size, so I wouldn't suggest sizing down.

    Have a fabulous weekend, Jodi!

  4. Nice outfit!

  5. You look gorgeous as usual and I love your booties!

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  6. that's ok, I wear my favorites over again. Especially when they go well with other items in my wardrobe! you look great

  7. Ehem...when I read the title of your post I thought 'what the?', then I saw the pictures and went, 'Oh, she means short boots!' :)))))) You look great my dear! Sorry for not being around the last months, but I am now!

  8. I love the shoes, and I LOVE your hair! It's such a flattering style on you.
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