Thursday, October 20, 2011

That 70's Skirt

Another outfit I came up with at the last minute this morning. I feel like 70's style and must admit I really love the fitted body hugging type of sweater ( navy blue and I got it for $2!!).  I like high waisted and fitted stuff, more suitable for my curves.  I finally came to the conclusion to embrace the curves rather than fight them. I always wanted a runners body- you know those flat chested, no hips kind of girls who are very athletic? Well.. I.DO.NOT.HAVE.THAT.KIND.OF.BODY.  No sir.  And I am okay with that (NOW). It took years to get to this level of self acceptance with my body and I am now loving it.

So. Enough about me. How is YOUR week going?  I am having another super day, having great conversations and getting some really good stuff accomplished at work, all is well in my world!!
xox oJ


  1. You look fabulous and that sweater is definitely right for your body! I'm glad you're having such a super day!

  2. I always love that green skirt on you, it looks great! My week is...pretty dull? But I am going to make the dough for homemade pierogis today, so that is slightly awesome to me. They are a bit hard to come by here, some frozen little ones in the grocery store, but not like the ones up in B.C.

  3. You look amazing in this outfit and I really, really like the skirt! I have a few fun pieces which were Old Navy clearance for similar prices and I still like them. Their clearance racks are worth the time!!

  4. Ive passed on tops like these because Ive tried them on and looked like a school girl, look great!!!

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  5. Whoa! When I saw that first picture, I flashed back to my youth when stylish, attractive women had TV shows exhibiting their vigor. In addition to looking great, do you fight crime, too?!

  6. You have a GREAT body and it looks super hott in that skirt and top. I love that army green color one of my fav's.
    My week has been a roller coaster sold my house didn't go through and just sold it again hopefully this one goes through. Never Sell, lol.
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  7. I am definitely loving the 70's feel of this look on you, it totally suits you and your body looks amazing! Stunning.

    Alexandra xo

  8. This outfit gives you a wonderful silhouette AND you are wearing one of the looks I can never pull off: skirt + boots :)
    AND you wear it well!