Monday, October 31, 2011

Grey and Blue

Wow it IS fall. It IS October 31.  As I write this kids are pounding on the door for candies. We have peppermint patties and cheezies to give them. AND I must say I feel guilty handing out candy to kids when its so unhealthy. Well. Technically its not me giving it to them. Its fiance. Does that make it okay on MY conscience?   I can proudly say I HAVE not and WILL not eat one morsel of that crap. True. Really. Promise.

I also used to hate blue. Simply because my mom told me I look good in blue. Blue is a boys color. So I never wore it. Until now.  I do love this trench. And it was one of the items I got from the big bag sale when I paid 10 bucks and could stuff as much stuff into a bag as possible.. back a month-ish ago when I went shopping with Moneca.

And do you like the fall flowers poking out of the leaves? I snapped that photo during my walk at lunchtime.  A nice delicate little splash of pink amongst all the red and orange.  Not afraid to be different.  Thats what I love about life. Everything is so unique and perfect as it is.  Pretty amazing if you ask me!!

Have a great night lovelies!! WMAH. xoxo Jodi


  1. that blue is awesome on you! and i love the pumpkin head!!

  2. Awww pumpkin head! Love the blue trench, such a nice pop of color. Here I am sitting eating a piece of candy since we have had no trick or treaters yet :(

  3. love the blue shade on ya, looks chic!

    haha love the second pic with the pumpkin head! Happy halloween! :)

    xo Nav

  4. That trench is fabulous...and I love that chunky bracelet!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  5. The fall flowers are soooo with a pumpkin face? priceless....good for you not eating the would have felt like real crap today, lol.

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  6. I hate to sound like your mom, but you do look great in blue...this coat is great!

  7. Ha! Love you with a pumpkin head.

    I never eat candy either, but laughed when I read the news that President Obama and the First Lady had trick-or-treaters this year: the President said he hoped Michelle relaxed her position and gave out candy instead of fruit; otherwise, "the White House might get egged."

  8. You look terrific. That color is great on you. I'm glad you've come to terms with it.
    You're relationship with blue sounds like mine to pink. It took me till I was in my late 20s to embrace what a good color it is for me... even if I thought it was way too sissy.