Monday, November 15, 2010

Remix 8: Pink Panther

Day 8.  Remix-o-rama!  Boy do I ever have alot of black in my wardrobe and as part of this 30 for 30 challenge!  So for today, I had my outfit all planned out and got all packed so when I swam this morning before work I was  all organized and ready to go!  I was excited about these pink tights and liked the outfit until I saw these photos and my legs closeup and thought to myself " these look like rather large pink sausages".  Now, of course, this is the NICE version of what I thought but anyway...

Remix Items:  Patterned skirt, black blouse, stretchy boots
I got this skirt for something like $4 back in the summer and on the hanger it was way to big but I can sew so I thought for $4 I can take that sucker in on the sides, and voila! In a couple of hours I sewed up the sides and it fits!!  As for breaking out the creativity, I am thinking about starting to knit.  You know how much I love scarves, well, I was thinking why not get some nice lightweight wool/string,cotton stuff and make myself a funky scarf?  Especially since people who learn to knit make scarves out the yin yang.. well wouldn't that just be perfect???  Stay tuned on that front!!! Hope everyone else is as excited about Week 2 of this challenge as I am, it's getting better and better from what I've seen on your blogs!!

Will catch up with you ladies later.. toodle doo for now xoxo Jodi


  1. Pink sausages? don't be dumb! they are fantastic! your legs AND the tights!

  2. Ummm sausages? I think GREAT pop of the hugger boots..they look fab!!

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  3. Great outfit. I super love the bold tights!

  4. I love the hot pink tights!! I love black and white with a splash of colour!

  5. If these are sausages then I've never seen the cutest sausages, ever! =)
    Okay, lemme set the record straight.. your legs are fantastic, they are strong and athletic and in my book, that's darn sexy!

    p.s. where can I get those HAWT tights?

    p.p.s. He he, you are so perceptive! Thingy peaking out of jacket, tomorrow's post!


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  6. The tights look great and I love that skirt.

  7. pssh you have fabulous legs :) I love your backdrop too, it is so dramatic but also calming. Great great!

  8. i'm glad you are finding ways to break up the black and keep your outfits lively! The pink tights are great!

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  9. I love the pink tights, they are a fantastic pop of color with the black and white.

  10. Those pops certainly pop and your legs look so good in them. I love the pattern on your skirt and your photo location too.

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  11. Jodi! I lovvvvve that skirt! I am in need of a new skirt, maybe two, or three (I am one of those girls that do not look great in jeans, so I like to wear skirts or dresses as mush as possible). And your legs look great woman- I love that pop of color with the black and white.

    Sorry I have been out of the whole blogging loop- I have been getting ready for that 5k! Let me just say, I used to run awhile back until my knee went out, but my legs are so sore! I will not let my legs get me down! Any tips on how to prepare myself a little better?


  12. I like the black and white skirt with the bright pink tights. I also have a pair of tights that color but am confused on what to pair them with.
    Good job on taking the skirt in too. I tried that last week but then had to make an emergency visit to the tailor :)

  13. love the way you worked those tights! very chic :) xx

  14. I love the pattern of the skirt against the color pop of the tights!

  15. hey, nice pink tights! we do have good taste!