Sunday, November 14, 2010

Remix 7: The Academy

Day 7.  I did a 1:15 min run (mostly hills) this morning and then went up to the library to return books and find a good novel for my upcoming trip to Saskatoon.  One thing that surprises even me is how much I love going to the library.  There are so many amazing books I always feel so selfish leaving with this BIG armload.  Today I took out some books on learning how to knit (yes, in my spare time!! laugh!), some 'brush up on your french' books, old Vogue mags (for posing ideas :), and some photography books. On the way home I saw this spot (St. Ann's Academy) so stopped for my photoshoot.  Now home,  I sit with my feet up for the rest of the day reading and blog visiting.  I am officially off duty for the rest of the day!!

Remix Items:  Black skirt, white longsleeve t-shirt, red sweater, black leather boots.
This is my first wear of the argyle tights which I think are kindof 'bookish' looking and also broke out the winter jacket.  I got this jacket in August for $7 at the thrift store and its really good quality so I was happy.  I feel like an airline hostess wearing this scarf but like it anyway.

That's all you get from me today.  Hope you all have some fabulous outfits planned for the upcoming week!!  Love ya, xoxo j


  1. Very Classy looking today, I love that Jacket can't believe it was only $7!!!! As for the library I love the smell of those old books! :)

  2. You're awfully dressed up for a trip to the library and a Sunday! What good book did you pick up for your trip? I've got a couple to loan you if you're interested.

    love the tights. i gotta get me some of those!

  3. LOL, the whole reason to go out is to dress up, doncha know? I got Kiss the Joy as it flies... haven't heard of it, but looked like a good escape novel. Just what I need. Will probably have it read by the end of the flight!!

  4. What a classy way to go to the library.. Just like how people dress up wherever they go 50 years ago.

    Have a safe trip to Saskatoon!


  5. In LOVE with your tights hunnie!! Wow, the whole look is amazing.....I dont think you are going to have ANY problems with this challenge at all...your outfits just keep getting better everyday:) Love the photoshoot location too!!!

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  6. LOVE the tights and the scarf! This whole outfit is very cute.

  7. you look fantastic :)

    woo hoo, saskatoon! my friend just moved from there. i hope you have a great time :)

  8. love love love this outfit!!I am always a fan of black with a pop of red :)

  9. I LOVE the blouse under your sweater. It gives the whole look a some awesome volume and sophistication.
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  10. You look very academic! The scarf and tights are nice touches.