Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Remix 9: Grey Day

Day 9.  Grey. A color I rarely wear.  A fews week ago I had my eye on a really great long brown sweater and when I finally broke down and went in to buy it the sales lady said "oh, if you like that style why not try this one too?"  So I tried the grey one and she was clear that this one was alot better than the brown one.  And she was right.  This one I can wear as a jacket, an over sweater and even a wrap dress.  So not bad: 3 options for 1 price!   The turquoise ring I am wearing was my grandma's.  She had amazing rings and thats what I always admired when I was young.  I flew to Saskatoon today and here I am at the hotel with NO luggage!!  Air Canada does it again.  And, all the shops are closed so  I can't buy anything as backup in case the luggage doesn't show up tonight. BUT, thank goodness for the versatility of this outfit so at least I can make it look different.  Now, smelling good is another story :)

Remix Items: Grey long sweater, black skinny pants, black turtle neck, black boots.
Am heading out for dinner in the freezing cold.  Will be back for visits later tonight hunnies!! oxox J


  1. That. Is. Amazing. I want one!!!

  2. Saskatoon! I think I have some family there :) Looking great as always, that sweater is very nice and versatile (looks to be at least!)

  3. Have fun in Saskatoon...I feel bad about your luggage hope it is there by morning. That grey sweater looks great. I need to buy more sweaters.

  4. WOW! That is a FANTASTIC outfit!! I thought that perhaps you went out and bought that today. wow! amazing!

  5. I love how versatile the sweater is! That's a really pretty ring too.

  6. Love your long sweater...I adore gray:)
    Another fab photo location dollie....

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  7. you are doing such a great job remixing your clothes, I love seeing what you are gonna do next :)

  8. You look soo good in skinnies! One time, I came back with two huge luggages from overseas, full of gifts and the results of my shopping escapades!

    I almost bawled at the airport when Air Canada lost it and offered me a hundred dollars!

    Hope you get it back Jodi! As long as you look great like that, people won't mind the smell!




  9. That sweater is awesome. I'm so short, I can't away with that type of cardi but I sure wish I could.
    As for smelling, I usually carry a bottle of "Dancing Waters" or "Clean Cotton" from Bath & Body Works. They both smell like clean laundry, Every time I put those on, people tell me how clean and fresh I smell. Funny, because I only wear those scents when I'm a little on the gross side :)

  10. That is the perfect remix item. Way to go.

    Hope your luggage arrives. That really stresses me out when that happens. How do they manage it?

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  11. Total bummer about the luggage! Good thing the sweater is so versatile...I would love to see it as a wrap dress!

  12. That sweater is a completely amazing piece. I love that it's so versatile but makes such a strong statement. I'm not normally a fan of cardigans but I am loving this one! Perfect for fall!