Sunday, October 17, 2010

Daily Outfit: Saying Aloha backwards

We spent our final evening on the beach at a place called A-Bay out at Waikoloa.  We had a bottle of wine and sushi on the beach watching the sunset.  I did a repeat of this dress from the other day, over my bathing suit:).  I played around with some photos using the tripod.  The sunset (as they all are, was spectacular).
This is a shot of the Village with the moonlight.
And this is my MOST FAVORITE of all.  This is the moonlight and the white spots are stars.  The wind was picking up so you see the movement of the palm trees.  This was a high ISO and very slow shutter speed.
 So then the next morning we got packed early and had about 1.5 hours to spare before heading to the airport so we went to a beach near the airport for our last swim and it was appropriate that I wore the same dress as Day 1 of the trip.  Not the greatest pic of me, but the ocean was fantastic!!
All in all, I was happy with what I had packed.  I have created a list that can be used as the basis for the next trip.

What I Took
1 black dress, 1 halter dress, 1 pink wrap dress
1 pair shorts
3 halter tops
1 wrap skirt
1 white sleeveless t-shirt
2 long sleeve blouses (wear on flight over and back)
1 pair long pants that roll into capri's (wore on flight over and back)
1 pair running shorts and 1 running top, running shoes
1 pair flip flops
1 pair sandals with slight heel

What I would do differently for next time
Leave the sandals with heel at home (never wore them), bring dressier flat sandals instead
Take a mini-skirt or skort
Get a new bathing suit that is more flattering (notice I didn't post any bikini shots!!!)
Find some kind of hat that looks good rather than having to always wear a visor and look like a jock!

Back to work on Monday so stay tuned for fall wear!!  xoxx J


  1. Awesome! Thanks for taking us with you! Can't wait to see you tomorrow night! You've inspired a few of us to make sure we look good! Always.

  2. Oh boy.. I cant wait to see you all, and WHAT YOU ARE WEARING.. so cool!!! We need to have a gathering and do an accessory swap or something.. and I will be by to clean out your closet soon too!! mwah xoxj

  3. Awww Im sorry your vacay is over but it looks like you had such a wonderful time!! I am loving all of those photos! I love playing with ISOs and shutter speeds, it is SO FUN!
    Hope you get home safe!


  4. Hi babes...I feel the same way about the only took me about six times going to Hawaii to figure it out, lol...I always pack them still though, thinking....Ill need them...never wore them...once, lol...great happy you had a wonderful time!!!

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
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  5. I went to Hawaii in January, and I remember not packing very well! I wore the same things over and over again, so I am dressed alike in many of my photos! You're so right about the swimsuit, you have to get a nice new one for big vacations like this! Seems like you've been on vacation for weeks, jealous!