Monday, October 11, 2010

Daily Outfit: Lovin the Lava

Warning! These are not glam shots.  This is some ol rag I threw on over my bathing suit to head down to a secret beach we were told about. And the Teva sandals do nothing for it, I know! And I know wearing the wrong shoes just kills an outfit.  We are staying with at a friend who lives here and she told us all about the great local spots.  It was really overcast and nearly raining however we headed down this lava road anyway to find the beach.  I thought the contrast of the overcast and the lava would be great with this flower print.  I found this dress at a thrift store awhile back and it was longer so I shortened it at the waistline with the intention for it to be a little less like "Little House on the Prairie".

I mainly post these cuz I like the background color contrast.  We are heading off Hiking today so will post some pics later!! 

The beach we finally got to after walking about 1 mile along lava trails (hence wearing the Teva's!!)


  1. Oops I meant to edit lol...anyways... happy thanksgiving Jodi! Oh to be where you are this weekend, that beach looks so fantastic! How is the triathlon going?

  2. Hey Jess.. it was on Saturday and fiance had an amazing race.. he was 1 hour faster than the last time he did it. This race is all the top athletes in the world competing and is truly incredible!! Now we relax!! Are heading out Ziplining today.. cant wait!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!

  3. Oh wow! Congratulations to him, that is an incredible amount of time to take off :D Ziplining looks like so much fun. I am planning on going to hawaii next year for my wedding, so perhaps that could be something we could do while there.

  4. love the dress, so fabulous!! very cool pictures and you have a lovely blog :)


    hope you come visit/follow me :)

  5. So happy the race went well for him....congrats!! You just relax your little bootie off!
    When do you leave to come back? Thats such a lovey ride home isnt it?? ugggh....I HATE that part eh most:(

  6. Hi, I found your post through Tracy's and I had to check it out, since I love fashion and sports also. Love the pics, Hawaii is beautiful.
    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs.

    MIne's at:

  7. That's a rag??? are you kidding? That is the most adorable dress EVER! and it's pink!! How fabulous are you??? I am loving sharing in your holiday this way! thank you for taking us along with you and for packing light so you could bring your tripod!! Love that!!! Miss you! xo

  8. Fun! :) We got married on Oahu. The lava is so cool. Enjoy your stay!

  9. found you from over at an Average Girl. It is always fun to meet new people.

    How fun to be in Hawaii...never been there.
    and boy girl...are you ever CUT...your being a thriathalon is evident in that photo of you in front of the yellow wall.

  10. These pictures are beautiful! I can only imagine it is even more beautiful when you are there in person!
    Can't wait for more pics, it looks like you are having a lovely time!


  11. Gorgeous of course! I love it :)))))


  12. An hour faster in an Ironman race? I bow my head in humility!

    I gotta give it to you too J, you look fab during vacation! I seriously do not look as good as these photos you've been posting from Hawaii!


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  13. this is such a beautiful beach! wow