Monday, October 18, 2010

Daily Outfit: Pinecones and Old Ladies

 This was my Grammy's dress and I love it. But I feel like an old lady. I tried some of Colette's layering advice and not too bad... I don't feel too bulked up here with the sweater and belt over top.  If I look like a linebacker you would tell me wouldn't you?   I also love pinecones- they remind me of the cedar forests where I grew up.  My brothers and I would always have pinecone wars.  Yes, I threw cones at them and yes I did try to hit my sweet little brothers often enough :)  It was dark out today so these pics show you some good ol West Coast October weather.. I hope you don't see my goosebumps though.  I miss the Hawaii sun already!


  1. This kind of reminds me of Tracy Porter!
    I am in love with your boots!

    Speaking of boots my mom just got two new pairs, i'm going to try to steal em'!

  2. You don't look like an old lady and the layering is really working ! you could try a cardigan over this dress to really play the vintage vibe or rock some colored leggings or even add some beige big socks that just go up the boots....

    Caro xxx

  3. a linebacker? Maybe a really stylish one, yes!

    p.s. can you please tell us more about yourself? I'd really love to get to know you more!


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  4. Fantastic! I love what you have done with the layers! The dress is beautiful!

  5. You look amazing, actually! Your figure is very balanced.

  6. Yayyyyy!!! There you are dollie!! You layered GREAT!! Not too bulky at the dress..the belt...fab darling!!

    so so so happy you are home:)

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