Friday, October 22, 2010

Daily Outfit: Ghostly

 And another morning of gawkers and commenters.  Today, down by the water, before work. 7am DARK and this guy walks along with his dog. Stops. Watches me.  Then starts providing comments as though he is Tyra Banks or something. But uses a real deep MAN VOICE: "ohhh veeerrry nice", "looking good".  And yes of course I REALLY needed the model coaching from him and his ultra hyper Jack Russell that was coming over and trying to hump my leg.  Friday starts on a good note you can tell!! LOL.

I was playing around with my settings on the camera since it was so dark and somehow got this really wild ghostly picture, which I think is pretty cool actually.  Today is jeans day so that's what you get, and my top is a nice deep plum color.  I do work in an office where its pretty casual normally so on the days when I do dress up they look at me weird.  But they do anyway.  Ho Hum. I am used to it!!

Super Happy Friday to all of you awesome readers.  I am really enjoying this blogging journey for 3 reasons:  I am having WAY more fun with my clothes.  I am having fun learning photography.  I am loving getting to know all of you and am inspired by your ideas and your friendship!!!  Cheerios Dahlings!!


  1. But we can't see the colour of the top. Boo. Okay that ghostly photo is spooky!! How on earth did you do that? And I laughed out loud at the dog humping your leg comment! I imagine you're pretty used to people staring at you and such while you take these photos! So great! I love the pose in the first shot, especially with those jeans. What are you wearing on your feet? they look like Pumas but I don't think you have any...:-)

  2. Wow these look great and very eerie! You should try that effect again on halloween!
    What a weird guy too! I would have freaked out! But then again I sometimes get embarrassed when my roommate sees me take pictures, ha ha!

  3. Perfect post before Halloween :0) Love the high waisted pants!

  4. LOVE your outfit, what a weirdo!!
    Those pants are cool the waist:)

    Enter my awesome Tulle giveaway♥

  5. It was early and dark so maybe its my own fault.. but it was 7am not THAT early!! well, this blog has certainly given me the opportunity for some good stories to tell.. Ha hah

    I did the pic in Black and White since the color version was really dark and hard to fix.. so voila, B+W makes everything better!! You can tell I am annoyed in the first pic!!

  6. I love the ghost cool...and bypasser commenting so not cool..haha..that's why I don't take my pictures in public..

  7. The ghostly one is soo neat! How in the world did you do that! I mess with my camera a little too much, and I never know what the heck I'm doing! Ha-

    Your blog is definitely one of my fav's! You are just hilarious Jodi!

    ♥ Have an awesome weekend!

  8. Tis the season for ghostly adventures, glad your having fun with it! Love those pants very flattering.

  9. cool photos and great pants! xx