Saturday, October 23, 2010

Daily Outfit: Playing with the camera

I went out to play with my camera this morning and took some shots of myself (of course).  I realized when I was playing around that I was feeling really frustrated.  I am not very technical and I'm trying to learn the all the exposure, shutter speed, ISO, etc and what I found was that I was beating myself up for not being good at this already.  And that I just want to be good at it NOW.  Then I saw the pics of me and felt like I look FAT, and really bad outfit.. etc.  Do you know those negative self-talk conversations? The voice in you head going a mile a minute (no- I am not crazy either).  In case you asked yourself " What voice in your head".  THAT'S the exact voice I'm talking about!! That little negative voice that wants to kick you down whenever it can.  I call mine my evil twin.  I have a male friend who calls his "Little Hitler".   We have our Annual Team dinner tonight with everyone on our Triathlon Team (like our club) and I don't want to go.  I don't know what to wear.  Feel fat. No good at photography (as if THAT has any relevancy hah hah).. on and on.  So what will I do?  Thank the evil twin for sharing.  Have a long soak in the tub and pull out some amazing outfit and go anyway. End of Story.  Oh, yeah, and have fun!

So there you go, a little bit of Jodi Unplugged for a Saturday afternoon!!  Love ya, xoxo j


  1. JODI!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE PHOTOS!!!!!! I LOVE THESE PHOTOS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE PHOTOS!! OH MY GOD! THESE ARE FANTASTIC! My favorite is the first one...but I also love the third one...OH MY GOD! Oh and the outfit is FANTASTIC!

  2. Ohhhh nice photos Jodi! The last one makes me want to run through a leaf pile. You look great in them, nothing wrong at all :) You should go to the dinner for sure, I am sure they all are excited to have you there.

  3. Isn't it amazing how something that frustrates you so, has me looking, going "geez, I wish I looked that good. Geez, I wish I took pics like that." Because I was literally thinking that before I started reading your text.

    My own little Hitler thinks you kick butt. Just so you know. :)

  4. I didn't even read the content of the blog before I commented. I had no idea that's what you were saying. All I could think was how fabulous these photos were. Jodi! I wanna see what you wrote tonight

  5. Awwww NO WAY in the world you look fat! So dont even go there or worry about that, Im not just saying that either, it is the dang truth!
    As for your camera, I have had mine for about three years and it takes while to figure out all of those things like fstop, shutter speed, etc. BUT I am not going to lie, whenever I do my own pictures I always put it on auto. My cousin (who does a lot of my photography and she is so talented) never uses auto, only manual, but she has been shooting for 8 years!
    Anyways, it does take a long time, so you just have to give yourself a break!!
    I hope you have a great Sunday afternoon!!


  6. You do NOT look fat dollie....and these pics are are smiling in the first, lol...Ive taken a few of my own...and I can tell Id have a HUGE learning curve if I had to do it everyday...ughh....I think you do great shots, truly..and the last pic is fall perfection!!!

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  7. awwww, thanks ladies.. you are so awesome.. I went to the party last night and wore an awesome outfit.. didnt get any pics unfortunately but it was a black top, black skirt, grey snakeskin belt and PINK tights with knee high high heel boots. What is funny is: Fiance said I looked like I was dressed up for haloweeen !!! and when I got there I had 4 people say WOW, I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT and several others comment on specific items (ie. love the pink tights), where did you get that belt.. etc.

    One new girl on the team even approached me and said " Wow, I love your style.. wish I could dress like that.. maybe you could give me some tips". What I did not do was say " Oh, I have a fashion blog"!! I am still shy about this...!

    love you ladies.. you are the bestest- thats for all the support and encouragement :) It was just one of THOSE days!! mwah xoxo j

  8. look at all those leaves in the air! so cool. :) xx

  9. These photo's are incredible! Esp. the last one, how did you do that?!
    I'm taking photography classes cause I just got so fed up with my pictures! I know how to sometimes take 'good' pictures, but I want to know what all that stuff means like ISO, Aperature, Exposure.. I am one of those girls that just like to go out and do it, not read the manual (and go to classes to figure it out), but I just said oh well, get off your ass and do it right, so by the end of my five weeks, I should know what all that means.
    My assignment this week has to do with an apple, I have to take 25 pictures of a damn apple, joy!

    I hope your Sunday turns out swell! And you DO NOT look FAT at all! You are one sexy lady, tell your evil twin that-

  10. I don't know what you are seeing in these photos but it's not what I see. I love your outfit, the photos are fun and capture the atmosphere and you look great. So tell your twin to get glasses! :-)

  11. Love the outfit!! Very chic fall couture!

    And I just realized we have the same background!
    We must be better than everyone else. lol.

  12. You look great, the photos are fantastic. I know how days go when all you can do is be hard on yourself. Stick with it and you'll be a perfectionist photographer in no time.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  13. I love your leather jacket, and your last photo is so cute!!
    And no, you do not look fat!!

    My self portrait tip for looking tall and thin is to always set the camera up at about hip level -- one nice benefit of using a tripod rather than a person -- people never want to kneel down to take your photos.

  14. Lovely outfit, I especially like your leather jacket!

  15. the blue scarf really compliments the outfit well

  16. I love all three of these and the poses. And I totally love this outfit. And I see that other people do to. So that is good. You are getting me interested (a little bit) in fashion. And that's not something I have really been interested in the past. Reading your blog is fun!!!