Thursday, October 21, 2010

Co-ordinating Jewelry to Necklines (from

This has always been a challenge for me so I found this post simple and good.

Co-ordinating Jewelry to necklines
by Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP

If the face is the 'communication centre' it's really important to think about how to draw attention there. Finishing off getting dressed so that you look 'put together' and stylish is helped immensely by what happens above the bust as it is close to the face.

Using a piece of jewellery in this area or some sort of embellishment helps create a strong focal point up high, drawing the eye up to your gorgeous visage.
Co-ordinating jewellery to necklines

Co-ordinating jewellery to necklines by imogenl featuring stamped jewelry

To ensure that elements of design work well together here are some easy to remember points.

1. If the neckline is embellished, then avoid adding another necklace, instead opt for some earrings that relate to the embellishment.

2. If the neckline is high choose a longer necklace, one that goes at least to your first balance point, or even double that length if want a longer necklace.

3. If it's a V (angular) neckline, look for necklaces with angularly shaped beads rather than curved, or a pendant that has an angular shape.

4. If it's a Curved (scoop) neckline, choose necklaces with curved detail rather than sharp angularity. 


  1. My kinda post!!! (or you can always just pile em on and go with it, hehehehe)

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  2. I have so much jewelry, but honestly it's not my style! I always wear my engagement right and matching diamond earrings and that's all. BUT, this is actually a good guide for those times i do want to wear some of the pieces I have. Thanks Jodi!

  3. I know.. I dont wear enough jewelry either.. I never know what to wear.. am looking to Colette for those good ideas!!

  4. That's an awesome post, thank you Jodi! I'm a bit of a stickler about neckline + earrings + necklace. That's why I try not to use a lot of necklace coz I love earrings!

    So Ottawa, eh? Yes, absolutely! A shopping date is in order, I'll take you around!

    p.s. I also wrote an article about fall to summer transition: