Thursday, October 21, 2010

Daily Outfit: Office Safari

Little bit office. Little  bit safari.  Kindof like that cheesey song "I'm a little bit country, little bit rock n roll".  I liked this outfit until I downloaded the pics and saw it differently.  This is a shirt dress with a vest over top (like, duh) and the belt just flapped around all morning which was annoying.  I don't like how big the boots look with the tights and this outfit.  I of course, love the leopard scarf. The dress itself is cotton and gets all bagged out of shape after a bit of wear. Anyway.  I would get the camera set up and about to take a picture and someone would come along and gawk at me.  I moved to a different location and then someone would magically appear out of the bushes just around the time for me to jump in front of the camera.  It's also dark and foggy today.  Win some, lose some.  That's the point- to learn from what works and how to improve for the next outfit/photo shoot.

Ladies:  I am liking my hair longer, but now have to pull back and need some ideas.  Wearing it the way I am makes me feel like a kid.  Any suggestions (I have a long face so am supposedly not supposed to grow my hair much longer).

Toodle doo for now...


  1. Hi babes:0 I love pick of you by the duckies!! i think its really good....I also think this is one of my fav outfits of yours...truly:)

    As far as the belt goes...look at my outfit I have posted today and how I did the belt..I HATE when the belt is too long and have to kinda fold it over, and through the loop:)

    I have the most boring hair of anyone on the internet, I cant help you with that, but Im sure someone else will have a few ideas for you:)There's always that growing out awkward stage to get through....I remember hating that part...ughh:(

    I think you look fabulous!!!

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  2. I love this outfit. It is classic but still fun! And at first glance, I wouldnt have known it was a shirtdress. I have been wanting a khaki shirtdress for awhile, but just havent found the right one yet!
    You are looking lovely!!

  3. Yes...I do love the outfit also, but the boots do look really big. Maybe a wider belt? Oh listen to me? Like I knwo what I'm talking about. :-) I love your description of the experience of taking the photos. You crack me up.

  4. You look great in this outfit! As for the hair I think it looks good I just usually grab the bobby pins and however it turns out is what I go with but you could always google some ideas. I really like your tights. I don't own a plain pair anymore mine all have designs and I seem to buy a pair every time I am out.

  5. Oh I didn't know that was a dress! I think it looks great :) I see what you mean about the boots, but I think that's what happens when you wear most boots with tights. I like the looseness, makes it more casual and laid back. I am not sure about the hair, I really like the length on you though.

    Oh and the weather here has started to turn I think.

  6. hey i really like the scarf with this outfit and I know how you feel about the belt..I tend to safety pin mine down when its flapping away