Friday, October 29, 2010

Daily Outfit: The color of Rita

Today couldn't have worked out more perfectly.  I was in a rush this morning and asked Fiance if he would take my picture since he has the day off today. He said.. well, I think its too dark out.  "Okay, okay, forget it then.. I will do it myself at lunch time".  Did you think I was going to say " Oh, thats okay honey bunny, sweetie pie..."  NOT.  No, not when it comes to fashion and my blog.  Remember, this is the same guy who said my Saturday night outfit looked like a haloween costume (reference to my pink tights!!).  Anyway... I had to pick up some materials for a work session we are leading and because I have the camera and tripod in the car.. well.. when I drove by this neon green wall I HAD TO STOP!!  I thought the pink scarf would rock with this backdrop and I think it does, wouldn't you agree?

I love this scarf. Rita, of Adventures of Cinderita, brought this back for me from Beijing when she was over there as an event coordinator for the Olympics.  How cool is that?  Anyway, I don't wear it enough so when I put it on it made me think of you Rita baby.  AND did you all notice that I had a HAIR INTERVENTION??  I spontaneously got an appt with my hairdresser yesterday to clean it up a bit and she did a shag on it.  I like it, it feels way better.

Guess what ladies?  I will be reporting LIVE from Quebec City next week and I am so excited to take my camera and get some good pics so stay tuned.  Have a super awesome weekend and I will catch you on your blogs!!!  toodle doo  xoxo J

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  1. You look gorgeous! And I am thinking that Rita is going to be pretty honoured by this! In fact, I believe later today I will see a post about it on her facebook! LOL


  2. haha the second picture totally freaked me out :D You are looking very sleek and stylish today, and the new hair is great!

  3. I think the background is awesome girl!!! Really love how it compliments your scarf and entire outfit for that matter:)

    Great the the jacket...I love seeing how you are evolving hunnie....(I notice the little things:)

    Stop By and Say Hello♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  4. Jodi...I love love LOVE the background. I want a photo with that wall. Please. Add that to your spreadsheet of back drops and remember it. I agree with Jess...that second photo freaked me out too. I was at first like.."huh?" upon closer inspection, I realize there's a ledge. Jodi, I love that scarf, (so much so I have one too in the exact same colour), and it's true. I am honoured by what you wrote..and especially the title of your blog. Thank you for that.

    I'd say AG could be onto something. :-) Thank you. It took my breath away, and the outfit...AMAZING! You look fantastic! And yes, I agree with Collette. The boots are fantastic and she's right. Evolving would be the perfect word. Pretty soon, YOU'LL be the next photographer on my next fashion shoot.

    Thank you Jodi..I feel "cherished". xo

  5. Oh and PS..I LOVE the hair. It looks GREAT. I still would love to see you go see someone completely different just once...shake things up a bit!

  6. Did you think I was jumping off a building or something in the second picture?? thats funny! This wall is perfect.. Rita.. think of the outfits you want to wear for our session together and make sure one of them will be fantastic with this wall.. I also have another lime green wall in mind.. oh boy!!

  7. By the way, I think one of my favorite photos of you EVER is the 3rd one. Love it! LOVE IT! I am already thinking about it. Don't you worry. Keep showing me the back drops and I'll keep thinking about the outfits. And my goodness are we gonna have fun with all my scarves!

    PS...i think that 3rd photo would be a great candidate for a new profile photo on FB don't you????? no of course you don't. Well I DO!

  8. Well arn't you just the lady full of boots, boots and more boots. I'm officially Jealous!

    Yours Truly

  9. That wall is an amazing color! I would have had to stop, too!
    And I'm likin' the shag on ya, looks groovy!
    Your so lucky to live in Canada.. that's ONE place I have to go to, passport is a comin'!

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend! And Halloween-

  10. AW enjoy Quebec ! You'll find amazing spots to take pics ...Try and find a moment to eat at the "cochon dingue" on the "petit Champlain" street : They have the most delicious hot chocolate milk I ever tasted ! Plus the deco is charming, plus the staff is friendly ....

    Caro xxx

  11. OHHH MUA.. thanks for the tip.. I was going to email and ask you if you had any good suggestions!! I will most definately check it out.. and I am taking my tripod with me.. what a geek I know!!

    hah hah.

  12. I love your green wall! Especially with your red scarf, haha. And leather and leopard is a great combination!

    (and who needs a photographer anyway?)

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. Loving the background and your hair looks great. I am hoping to get mine down this week sometime. I love that pink scarf it makes the outfit!

  14. You are right. The pink scarf rocks with the background. It looks even nicer!
    My hubby also doesn't like to take pics of me, so I end up buying a tripod... simples!

  15. Hi J!

    Have I got a few things to say about this post, so brace yourself!

    - First and foremost, BOYZ! They are funny creatures, aren't they?
    - Yes, I absolutely love the pink against green effect!
    - Quebec City next week? For real? as in wow, I may be there at the same time as you are! I may come a bit later, Thursday and Friday for work so we may meet up sooner than planned!
    - There are just endless beautiful location in Quebec City that I don't even know where to begin! It's Canada's Europe from the boardwalk in Front of the Chateau Frontenac, to the Plains of Abraham if you want nature, the old pORT, is charming and goregous, the city hall and the massive french fountain in front of it will remind you of Paris, please pack a few batteries and your charger, for sure!

    Oh, yes and one more thing.. I would love to have you in my class. I teach Power Yoga and I've been teaching since 2002. Funny, you spin (teach, right?), I am also a Certified Schwinn Instructor, crazy eh?

    Have so much fun in QC!



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  16. love the location! the colour of the wall is so unique and the scarf rocks with it!!!

    love kerry

  17. That scarf is such a beautiful color. It looks great with the background.