Sunday, October 31, 2010

Daily Outfit: Airport Travel

Hi Ladies!! Reporting LIVE, I mean REAL TIME from the Toronto Airport!  I feel like a fashion reporter or something :)  I asked a lady to snap this pic of me by the Toronto mural backdrop and she goes and cuts my feet off!  I guess I should have waited and asked a fashionable-looking lady to snap it... surely SHE would know to take a full shot!! LOL anyway, can you believe my coworker booked my flight for me for 6am?  This means I had to get up at 4am this morning.  My eyes look like 2 little pee holes in the snow (for those of you in the US who never get snow.. well, private-type joke I guess :)

AND I went and got myself an airport manicure.  I don't have long elegant fingers as you can tell, more like good ol sausage fingers.  But anyway, I wanted blue but they didn't have any and I am wishing I got a darker color because I don't think this color is good for my skin tone.  The thing that is cool though (even though its a shoddy manicure and paint job) is that I NEVER paint my nails so this is a new thing!!  Thought you might like to know that you are all influencing me ( in good and bad ways- (bad--I  am spending more $$ now because of you all!)).

Next report to come from Quebec.  And oh boy I can't wait to check out the spots suggested by MUA and Twenty York Street!!  So exciting!!  And I have 1.5 hours to catch up on your blogs... here I come!!


  1. I love your outfit. Functional for flying!

  2. You look great. I always look horrible when I travel even when I try to look good. Love the mani. Have fun and Happy Halloween!

  3. are you wearing lipstick? we are all rubbing off on you! Love it! Happy travels!!!

  4. I think you look great...and way to go on the nails love.......:) they are pretty!!!!

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  5. Haha that is so funny that she cut your feet off! I guess that is what we get for asking a non fashion blogger to take a pic right!!?? LOL
    You still look fabulous as always though!
    Love the polish!


  6. I laughed so much at your "feet-comment" !

    I hope you had a safe and nice trip ... I hate airports (don't ask me why, I just hate them !)


    Caro xxx

  7. wow a 6am flight, thats brutal but you look amazing especially for a 4am wake up call

  8. The wall mural almost looks real! =)
    Okay, I seriously do not look like that when I travel. If I'm not in my professional suit, I'm in the opposite side of yoga pants and Ugg boots!

    Okay, so you have to tell me which area are you staying at and how long are you going to be in QC! I have a very good friend there, she's a Manager at the Chateau Frontenac - another beautiful place to photograph!


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