Friday, September 24, 2010

Daily Outfit: Unidentified Animal

 OKAY. What kind of animal print is this anyway? Or is it?  When I wore the matching tank top back in August, the Fiance said it was turtle print, and I thought cow.  But I don't really know.. Any ideas?  So this sweater is angular on the sides so it can work for my body type, and with the belt it is held together.  I actually have a pink belt I need to punch a few more holes in and then thought it would look awesome with this sweater.  Anyway, its Friday, jeans day at work and I am feeling uber productive after our workshop yesterday and am getting tons done today.  Off to a party tonight so I might even post an evening outfit for your viewing pleasure!!  Five hour bike ride scheduled for Saturday and long run for Sunday.  Have to be bikini-ready by the time we head to Hawaii (2 more weeks!!).

Question for the day: What IS this print anyway?  Happy Friday lovely readers, MWAH.


  1. Hey look fabulous today!! woo hoo for you in that sexy outfit!! Im thinking its kinda "cow looking", the print that is, lol:)

    OMG...I go to Hawaii every year for 2 weeks!! how cool!! Its soooo amazing daughter never wants to come back home, lol

    Have a Fabulous day!
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  2. Mmm... Black and white giraffe?

  3. Reverse Dalmation? :P It's so cute whatever it is :) x

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  5. Beautiful sweater, especially when paired with that belt.

    I studied the print and compared it to many animal markings. My conclusion is that it isn't really one actual animal: it's most likely a graphic-created image combining looks from several different creatures.

    I arrived at this conclusion after ruling out the obvious possibilities (it's not cow, cougar, giraffe or turtle, even though it's similar to all of these) and noticing that the markings were manifestly alterred, likely for aesthetic purpose.

    In any event, it's pretty!

  6. Giraffe! I love the look. You're outfit looks fantastic on you!

  7. Great jacket. I think cow ... but perhaps "Friesian" might sound more classy.