Monday, August 9, 2010

Daily Outfit: Blending in

Today I wore this really comfy dress which I thought looked good in until I saw myself in these photos. My inside voice is saying " this looks like a dull green sack".  At lunchtime, in the rain, I went to the park with  my tripod so I could play around with whitebalance and other settings on the camera.  I am posting my outfit despite what I think about it.  I was wondering if it were the color, but even at that, I dont think it would be much different.  I am not creative enough at this point in my fashion journey to see what could enhance it.  Any comments?  Team Keep-it or  Team Chuck-it?
This is my little buddy.  He knows how to wear color well!  I asked for some fashion advice and he just ran away from me saying something about 'frumpy'...


  1. I think this dress would look really great in the fall with some opaque tights, high leather boots, and an oversized scarf. Cute blog!

    Come check mine out sometime...and my current headband giveaway :-) it would definitely help "funk up" your wardrobe!

  2. I feel the same about one of my dresses. The dress itself is very nice, but it seems like its cut doesn't look good on me. And I also just posted it :)

  3. Knowing your wardrobe as I do, you're right, this isn't your best dress..However..having said that, I think with a pair of tights and a fabulous pair of boots and a could totally rock this dress in the fall and winter.

  4. Thanks Ladies.. yes, a fall outfit perhaps with brown boots and a scarf.. thanks for the suggestions- I will hang on to the dull green sack til then and see... :)