Saturday, August 7, 2010

How to determine your body type

Taken from thechicfashionista:This is a very generic approach, and is meant to have you focus on your overall frame.  It is best to do this with no clothes on and use a full-length mirror.

1. Step a few feet away from a full-length mirror and blur out your boobs, neck, the length of your legs and arms, and observe your overall body shape. Do this naked as underwear can also disguise what's really there. For example: Wearing boy shorts can emphasize your hips and make you look more bottom heavy ;-)

2. Now, focus on the shape of your torso. And visualize a dress form -- shoulders to hips.

It's the contours of your silhouette that will determine the line and the clothing shapes that are best for your body.

Note: If you gain weight, pay attention to where the pounds get stored, because that's often a clue to what type of body shape you have.  And now let's look at which category your body falls into:

The Body Shapes -- there are 5 main combinations of torso proportions:
  • Pear: Torso and upper body smaller than your hips -- with waist definition
  • Inverted triangle: Torso and upper body wider than your ships -- with little waist definition
  • Rectangle: Torso and upper body are the same width as your hips -- little waist definition
  • Hourglass: Torso and hips are approximately the same width -- with waist definition
  • Apple: Torso and upper body wider than your hips -- with little or no waist definition. You might have weight surrounding your waist.

Me personally would consider myself an hourglass shape since I know I look better in belted waists, fitted clothing etc.

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