Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daily Outfit: Blue jeans

What is with the weather in Victoria? It was cold and like fall this morning so I had to pull out some long pants. 18 days until my big Ironman race. Part of my fashion dilemma is that my quads are getting too big and my skinny jeans are getting too tight in the upper leg.  The waist of most of my pants and shorts are too big and the butt is all saggy.  A good problem to have, I guess, but not when I comes to pant-wearing.

We canned about 50lbs of peaches this weekend so here I am modeling the peaches and a  random black bird...


  1. I wish it became a little colder here. I am kind of tired of +40°С for the past month, and I miss layered outfits.
    I think the whole outfit suits you very well.

  2. Yum canned peaches! I love the pants they make your waist look TEENY TINY! Where are they from? The shirt is adorable too.