Wednesday, March 30, 2016

For the love of animal print

Another animal top I love.  And these are amongst the few pairs of pants that I love. Finally I found some long enough for me. They are made by a Dutch designer so thats probably why.

I remember the days I went out and took my photos around town.  Now I just do it with my grey wall. Funny how moving influenced when and where I take my photos. Our back yard is not so private from the neighbours now and I don't feel like answering questions about why I take a photo of myself everyday.  Who knows, maybe they already know about my blog anyway... That would be funny.


  1. How pretty! I love the pants. Beautiful. I have the same problem with my neighbors.

  2. What is the brand of the pants? I really like the high waist on them, and the wide leg - it totally suits your body, Jodi. Love that top too!

    1. Hey Sheila, the brand is STILLS, I love it because the pants are designed for tall people :) there is a store down on douglas st by the conference centre that sells a small selection of this brand. Its the brand that this dress is that I bought and it doesnt suit me. I mainly grabbed it because it was such a steal for the price given I know how much it would sell for in the store (mistake if it doesn't do me justice as I have now learned :)

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