Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Emergency Exit

After I got dressed I realized I look like a flight attendant today.  I got to work and had 2 people say right off the bat " you look nice today" then I waved my arms along my sides and indicated the emergency exits were to the side and they laughed and said " yeah, you do look kindof like a flight attendant".
I had a HUGE weekend of exercise. Does that sentence make sense? Does it evoke the sense that I did alot of activity this weekend?  Friday I cycled 100km (fast pace). Saturday we ran 5 hours at East Sooke Park (read: HILLY TRAILS), Sunday we ran 4.5 hours around Mt. Work, Francis King Park, and a bunch of other hilly challenging loop dee doos.  Sunday I ran 2.5 hours around Elk Lake.  Whoa you say. Thats alot of exercise!  It WAS.  I'm currently training for a 100km trail run that will take place in a really remote and beautiful alpine area in the US.  Can't wait and have to keep training hard to ensure I am strong and ready to go.

So today, legs off.  No exercise for me other than walking up and down the isles of the airplane :)
Hope you had a great day.


  1. I love that loop around Elk/Beaver - did you say hi to my dad? His name is on the bench on the Beaver Lake side for all the runners gone too soon. :)

    I would have done a different coloured top (a baby blue?), or a white top with more texture (lace, embroidery), to veer away from that flight attendant look. That would pull it more into the 'boho' look. I will admit to being mistaken for a BC Ferries employee when I wore a green skirt, white shirt and blue jacket...on the ferry! That was back in the 90s, though!

  2. Excuse me, Miss? Can I have some more peanuts, please? :-)

  3. Wow you exercise a LOT!

    How I miss East Sooke park. When I lived there we went regularly and every time I go to the Island we do at least one hike there.


  4. LOL, love your suggestions Sheila.. I will try that for the next outfit for sure :) Yeah, I knew Ally would want more snacks... thats exactly how I think as well hah hah.

    Suzanne.. next time youre in Victoria we'll have to go out there together-- its so beautiful!!