Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Nautical Pencil

Okay, I told you I was sick for a couple of weeks, well, then my mom showed up for a surprise visit. That was awesome but means I've been either MIA or crazy busy with my mom.  I feel like I'm getting some wardrobe mojo back.  I usually can't wear stripes but found this cute little t-shirt and love it... I love the nautical look so thought I would try pulling this off. And why fight it-- Pencil skirts were made for my body type!!

Hope you are all well.  Any new fashions/styles you are trying out that you usually would stay away from?


  1. I hope you are feeling better, Jodi. You look great in this pencil and I love the color! Take care!

  2. I love this look!!!


  3. Suzanne tweeted that you look awesome today and I thought, "Huh, there must be another Jodi on the Web." Then I arrived here and realized she was talking about you. :-)

    This is a terrific outfit! Everything works and it highlights your exceptional fitness. 99% of us would kill to look as good as you do.