Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Vintage Pink

I love this vintage jacket I got awhile back, its just got a HUGE pointy collar that I am abit embarrassed to been seen wearing it. I mean, I could spear an animal with the points on this darn collar!  Anyway, I was driving home from a meeting and stopped at this seedy kind of location to take my photo.  I forgot that I had these cheap sunglasses on (was the only thing I had in the car and had to wear because it was so bright driving). I look like a bug. So, now I look like a bug who could spear an animal with my jacket collar. NICE.

Happy Tuesday!   Did you wear anything crazy or embarrassing today?


  1. I didn't even see the collar because of the scarf, which was probably your intent. I am mesmerized at how well the jacket fits you. Its shape is perfect.

  2. Remember your past posrt called: ''No karate chops or kicks here''? that reminds me of my blog!! ^^

    check it out!