Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Another Zebra Day

You've heard my rants about remote controls. Well. I ordered a new one and recently received it.  $30 it was! HOLY SMOKES.  Anyway, it works great in terms of communication to the camera and its only 1 piece.  The other ones I had you needed to connect 1 piece to the camera and turn it on, then use the handheld remote to activate it.  So anyway. This is only 1 unit so is convenient and looks pretty sturdy so I am hoping I don't break this one too :(    The downside is it only has a 2 second delay, not 10 seconds so I have to act fast and put/hide the remote before the photo gets taken.  Always something to keep things interesting!!  So consider this a disclaimer that if I look stunned in my upcoming photos its due to the timer delay issue (and no, I can't set the 10 sec timer on the camera and activate it with the remote :(

What technical issues have you had to deal with as a blogger?


  1. Nothing's easy in life... *sigh* Sorry the new remote isn't perfect. I've become an expert at hiding the remote in my hand (or pressed against my dress) after clicking it.

    BTW, I have two thoughts. The first, prompted by this outfit, is that you look good in bold clothes. Most people don't 'cause they lack the confidence to pull it off but you are so strong and capable that you exude confidence. Bold colors and prints work on you.

    Second, I think I'm gonna stop blogging and just visit here every day. You seem to be carrying the blogging ball for both of us. I'm so tired from work and illness that I can't muster energy or enthusiasm these days. I get my fill of blogging-delight when I arrive here. Thanks for that.

  2. AWW thanks so much and I love your feedback about BOLD stuff. I agree, I am better in dark colors and bold, fitted clothing so its nice to hear it reinforced by someone objective. Also, you carried the blogger ball while I was MIA this summer while busy training so it all works out in the end. Maybe we could come up with a partnership whereby I wear something and you can provide an objective critique (the good, the bad and the ugly) about what works and what doesn't work about the outfit.. what do you think? I often feel that I don't really help others in terms of ideas for dressing since I don't really talk about the outfit or why I put it together... anyway, think about it and we could come up with some kind of fun initiative :) I love your visits too :)