Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The lady with the brown sweater

Working from home today. I was wearing my FAT PANTS (you know, the stretchy pants with cat fur on them and coffee stains.. hah hah).  And then I had to go out so I quickly slipped on my comfy jeans and sweater.  This sweater reminds me of one my mom used to wear when we were young except hers had 2 big stripes on the bottom.  It's the comfy sweater I wear when I want to just blend in and be warm.

AND check out my burgundy cowl.  I made this myself.  My second knit job. Well, I should say its the second cowl I have made. The other thing I learned how to knit is those cotton dishrags.   Yes, I am just so crafty. Step back Martha Stewart.  I'm here :)

What are you crafty at making?


  1. You knit, too?! No fair! You already have so many talents. Leave some for the rest of us!

  2. Sweaters like this are the best. So cozy and easy to wear. And the scarf is gorgeous; such a beautiful color on you. Well done!

  3. Ha ha. My fat pants have pug hair and chocolate stains on them.

    Good job on the knitting!