Thursday, January 22, 2015


My attempt at looking like a librarian today. I actually have the book "Who do you want to be today?" and its fun because it gives you ideas for how to dress in certain styles. For example they give ideas for : Sexy Bombshell (inspired by Marilyn Monroe or Scarlett Johansson) ...Ice Queen (cool perfection like Nicole Kidman or Grace Kelly) ...Rock Chick (wild and strong like Debbie Harry or Amy Winehouse) ...Sultry Diva (think Ava Gardner or Jerry Hall) ...Stylish Sophisticate (Coco Chanel or Anna Wintour) ...Androgyne boy-girl (Hillary Swank or Grace Jones) ...Boho (a la Kate Moss or Sienna Miller) ...High Maintenance (Victoria Beckham or Eva Longoria) (taken from review on amazon :)

If you are looking for ideas to switch up your wardrobe this book is kind of fun for that. I particularly like the BOMBSHELL section :)

What was your dressing style today?

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  1. You've certainly got the looks and figure for bombshell outfits. And librarian is a cultural stereotype -- the primly-dressed woman who, when she takes off her reading glasses, is revealed to be a gorgeous beauty. I need to read that book!