Friday, June 6, 2014

Training Attire

Okay, I am tired of those fashion blogs that end up posting the majority of their posts as household DIY's, baby pictures and recipes. While there is great information, I subscribed for the fashion, not the other stuff.  So here I go and post training photos not fashion.  The truth is, I haven't had much time to take fashion photos and my fashion is nothing inspiring these days.  I have been training for a big long distance race  (photos are from a 4 day training camp me and BFF created for ourselves) and basically my weeks look something like this:

Wake up 4:30 am.  Bed 8:30 pm.

Monday- swim 8-10 km (yes, thats correct- swimming for approximately 3-3.5 hours)
Tuesday- bike 2 hours
Wednesday- swim 6- 8 km   Wednesday night- run drill clinic
Thursday- run 2 hours
Friday - swim 6-9 km
Saturday- bike 7-9 hours
Sunday- run 3-3.5 hours and sometimes do a 2 hour run in the morning, then 2 hours in the afternoon.

Little time for much else. We finally caved in and hired a guy to mow our lawn for the next 2 months until our race is over.

Housecleaning happens in spurts in the evenings.

I'm getting lean though :)

How are you doing?? What's getting your time and attention these summer days?


  1. I find your workout outfits to be very stylish. The colors and designs are interesting. Then again, on your super-fit body, a paper bag would look good.

    I wore some cool striped pants this week on my blog and, while doing it, I was imagining how fabulous they'd look on you.

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