Saturday, May 17, 2014


Like my sunglasses? ha ha. They are HUGE. so big they slide down my nose. Oh well. $0.50 at the Thrift store so I can't really complain. Even though I am :)

We've had 1 week off of training since our big 60 km run and ride weekend and its been exquisite! Time to go for long beach walks first thing in the morning before work and even do some photography. It's been a real treat.  I had the day off yesterday and spent the entire day working in our garden. Heaven.

Gracey recently posted about wearing white jeans and I commented that I had never even owned any. This is about the extent of the white pants situation for me and even at that when I wear these about 1 hour into the outfit they get all bagged out in the bum and knees and have no shape to them.  I think I am just not lucky with pants anyway.  I'm also breaking the fashion rules as I am not 'supposed' to wear tops like this that lack any waist definition.  Yes. I am bad. Bad to the bone.


  1. You are bad to the bone. That is, if I could see you. All I see is a pair of sunglasses. :-)

    We all have some types of clothes that fit us and others that never will. Such is life.

    I'm enjoying you blogging so frequently. My heart leaps when you post.

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