Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Like a Tree

Hello there! Today I' disguised as a tree. An outfit that makes cycling to work easy. An outfit that leaves me comfy while I sit at my desk all day long.  See what is written on my whiteboard in my office?  I use the Getting Things Done system by David Allen. Its a productivity system that I find highly effective. Anyway, his premise is that our minds are like water and unless we capture (right down, or document in some way) information, we will most likely forget it. This is indeed accurate. I use Evernote on my iPhone to keep track of things when I am out and about and I even have a running list of photoshoot locations (ie. nice backdrop walls, graffiti, train tracks, etc) so that when I have the chance to get out for photos I can easily find good locations.  What about you? What do you use to track information, to manage your projects?

Day 2 of the Wild Rose Detox Cleanse as well. I pretty much eat simple regularly anyway so this is not so hard to do, just helps to cut back on the dark chocolate :)


  1. Hey...love the ring. :) AND you don't look like a tree! dork

  2. I don't think you look like a tree either...I love brown and blue....and I love a great tunic top. I am going to look over your Getting Things Done System...thanks for sharing Jodi!

  3. How can you look so beautiful when you wear plain, casual clothes? It's just not fair. Not fair!

    (Sorry for the pouting, some of us get childishly jealous at times.)