Monday, November 25, 2013

Casual Walk

Hello!! I hope you all had a fan-tabulous weekend!!  I was busy sorting, packing, running, TRXing etc all weekend!  Then, got to go for a nice long beach walk in one of the great parks along the ocean. There's a spot along the path where there's an old abandoned building and a bunch of junk.  Do you know what this red box is?  Well, luckily its really old and dried up so is safe to go near :)  Not much of an outfit post but this is how I often look when out and about on a cold day.  Yes and the HUGE sunglasses were $2 at my fav thrift store.

Talk soon!!! mwah


  1. Thanks for being real in your outfit postings. I have read all your posts, right back to the beginning and I love your style. You inspire me to dress stylish and keep fit. Thanks for sharing. I value you as a style blogger and a woman athlete.

    1. HI Rose, thanks so much for your comments!! I much appreciate your visit :)