Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wide Jeans

Busy day. 5:45am at the pool. Swim for 90 minutes, change, get to work.  After work ride my bike home, had about 5 min to have my man snap photos and then quickly get changed in to my run gear to go to my run clinic. We are training with a really well know runner in town and we are seeing so much improvement in our running form and performance so its really encouraging.  I did a half marathon on the weekend and am pretty happy with how my race went especially considering I did the race on tired legs ( I have been running between 20-30 km every sunday for the past 4 weeks).  This was my second running race this season and in 2 weeks I have my first triathlon of the season. Looking forward to it as I am feeling stronger every day!!

Hope you had an awesome day.  How bout you? What form of regular exercise do you get?


  1. You look fabulous in these jeans.

  2. My heart leaps when I see you've posted. And, here, you're recalling my youth. When I was growing up in the Seventies, EVERYONE wore pants like this (women and men). To me, they are the epitome of style. And seeing them on you is almost too much to bear. :)

    1. I was so carried away by emotion I forgot to add two more things. First, I have a top identical to yours except in red. Very pretty look. And, second, in answer to your question, I value exercise as highly as you but lack your discipline. I walk every day as much as I can and do frequently exercises (with free weights and body-resistance) whenever I can squeeze it into my schedule. Fitness is key to staying young.