Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Interview

Today: up early. Work from home from 6:00am- 8:30am.  Teach my spin class. Quickly shower and get to work to conduct interviews.  Interviews are always fun. It's so interesting to be the one conducting the interview.  My goal always is to have the person be at ease and feel relaxed and not worry about 'getting it right' but rather speaking from the heart and being themselves.  I was initially going to wear a pencil skirt and fitted top kindof like my outfit from Tuesday, however, I choose the fun and frilly type of look instead. Not sure what first impression I made but there was alot of smiling and laughter during the interview so that's a good sign!!

Hope you all had great days!! J


  1. Sounds like you are an interviewer who puts people at ease. Did you find the candidate you were after?

    1. ohhh more interviews tomorrow!! Fingers crossed :)