Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Still waiting for Spring!

Okay so we are STILL waiting for some decent weather around here. Yesterday I wore shorts and got soaked and frozen. So much for wishful thinking!! I had an awesome weekend training in Whistler. Great riding and running and many beautiful views. I only wish I had time to go for a drive and do some photography- many great shots to be taken, such little time :)

Hope you are all enjoying a warmer sunnier kindof spring!! xox J


  1. What a wonderful skirt! It looks fabulous on you. We were having great weather and then Oregon remembered that it's supposed to rain all the time and we've had a couple weeks of rain. I think it's over now though. Hopefully.

  2. Fun skirt...we just had a flood and were on the national news...so I guess many of us are waiting for good weather. Jodi, you would look so great in the dress I am giving away...oome on over and register to win it on my site!!

  3. You have a charm that is palpable.