Thursday, May 30, 2013


Okay. Here's the story. I couldn't decide between 2 tops to buy. The sales lady told me, just take them home and try them again and you can return anything you don't want.  So I did because I wanted to see if this blue top could be styled creatively with some things I had (and because it was different than my normal style).

HOWEVER, even though I had asked about the return policy before I left the store, when I went to return the top they told me they would NOT return the top (the original sales lady had given me wrong information).  Not only that but the 2nd top I bought was missing a button and they would also NOT allow me to exchange the top for one with all the buttons (and no extras were included)!!!  The sales lady had called the head office and this was the instruction they gave her. I felt bad for her because I could see that she wanted to help but couldn't.  This is clearly not extraordinary customer service- it barely even rates as customer service at all!!!

SO I have this ugly blue top (ugly because a) it is not the greatest color on me and b) it is NOT flattering on my body type- I need very emphasized and high waisted stuff.   I must say that from an objective perspective this outfit  is not flattering at all on me.  Weird because I even got a few compliments on it.  I also felt not like myself today and I think its simply because I felt like a fish out of water (Jodi out of regular outfit :)

Have you had this kind of experience wearing clothes that aren't really YOU?


  1. try wearing the top with skinny jeans, I think it would look great!

    1. thanks for the tip.. might try that since I cant take the stoopid top back :)