Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pencil Skirt Leopard Tights

Inside my world today:  Rode bike to work in the rain wearing a pencil skirt. NOT recommended. I  could hardly pedal for one thing (make sure skirt has some stretch in it).  Next, I couldn't put my foot down to the ground very fast in case of stopping quickly (yes this happened and I almost wiped out!).  Other issue: booties are slippery on bottom so kept sliding off the pedals as I was pedaling!  Lesson Learned!

Tangent: our cats breath reaks!  We have given her herbal remedies and even tried brushing her teeth with special stuff (THAT should have been video-taped let me tell you!).
* not our cat but this is kindof what it looked like  (LOL)

Anyway to today I am home early because  I get to take the beloved to the Cat Clinic for a check up.  Little does SHE know. This will be fun.  Imagine me driving with fur floating everywhere in the car and an unhappy cat sitting on my shoulder.   I will report the event after the fact! Wish me luck!!

AND what about the spring weather you ask?  Well apparently we are not getting any this year. Today still felt like a winter day. YES I am still wearing winter clothes!!


  1. You look great..and Id never have thought to bike ride in a pencil skirt....go YOU!
    Thankfully it worked out:)

    Miss you lady!

  2. Those are some cute tights. I like the subtle print.

  3. You had me at leopard tights.

    And I can't believe you rode a bike in that skirt - I have problems even in knit pencil skirts; not enough range of motion. I can help you with non-grippy soles though; I replaced my toothed pedals with rubberized grippy ones and it's helped a ton & doesn't tear up the soles & heels of my shoes.

  4. Hope both you and the cat survived the trip to the vet. I applaud your attempt to ride your bike with the skirt on. Would love to have seen you posed on the bike.

  5. Wow? On bike with skirt? That's something new.
    Well, you can visit my page to find out more about how to wear a pencil skirt or what to wear with it :)

  6. Cute outfit but obviously not suited for biking. During my first car-trip to the vet with Cat Mama, she freaked out from the car's motion and jumped onto my thigh, digging all of her claws deeply into my sking. While I was driving. From then on, she traveled in her portable cat-cage.

  7. trying to picture you riding a bike in a pencil skirt.... what were you thinking????
    hope kitty is okay and i love that necklace