Sunday, April 1, 2012

Casual Sunday Ride

HELLLOOOOO! I finally came up for air!! I don't know if you have this same thing in the US but here there is  this big push for fiscal year end which is March 31 and all the government funding must be reported and closed off.  This means for the last few weeks I have been up late working (til midnight most nights) and into the office early.  Wrapping up projects, finalizing reports, organizing all the financials. Its been crazy.  AND to top it off the  weather has sucked big time so hasn't been noteworthy outfit-wise at all.   Basically I have just been grabbing whatever is in front of me in the closet and head to work.

Exciting news is that I found a new commuter bike.  After being in Beijing and seeing all the great bikes there I thought I wanted to get something cool since it was time to replace my old mountainbike hybrid anyway.  I just found this Dutch bike and it is so awesome!! I love it!!  It feels really strange riding upright when I am used to being in such an agressive low position on my carbon fibre cervelo triathlon bike.  It is totally fun to ride and in fact I was just getting home from the market when I got my man to snap these photos.

Anyway, I fully plan on getting back into the ol outfit posts since you guys keep me honest and creative!!   and LOOK, my hair is getting LONG!! Thats also been fun.

Okay. long post, but I missed you!!  MWAH xoxo Jodi


  1. Your hair IS getting long. DH found a lightweight, but vintage bike in a thrift yesterday and he is working on it as I type. the plan is to accompany the grandson as he learns to negotiate street riding.

  2. loving your boots and your bike is wicked cute.