Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Start

Imagine what it would be like to work for someone who was JOYFUL? Well, thats what I have taken on at work!  I really realized during my time off how much I have been tired, worn out, and in automatic pilot mode. SO instead I now come back to work being Joyful and creating a whole new way forward with all there is to manage at work. I am pumped and its already been the great start to the week.

Outfit details: Skirt was $2.00 at the best little thrift shop I just happened upon. I was looking for old magazines for this year-long collaging project I will be working on, and hey, gotta check out the clothing section.  This baby even still had the store tags on it. I love a good deal and I love skirts so I am happy!!  My legs and arms are abit scratched up from gardening yesterday but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.  Not too much else to report today other than Tuesday night is bike night!! I love Tuesdays, cycling in my favorite of all sports so I am always keen for the workout on Tuesdays.  Ps my eyes are not bloodshot from drinking... its from Swimming...DUH...LOL

Thats it for now babes.. til tomorrow xoxo Jodi


  1. WORKING FOR MISS JOYFUL....that's the best kind of employer...keep it going!! I love this skirt..can't believe you got it for that price..that would make anyone joyful!!

  2. Enthusiasm is a rare commodity in the workplace but a very valuable one. Good for you.

    I love not only the cute skirt but also your appealing pose in the first picture. You capture the spirit I strive for. Nice job.

  3. Fabulous skirt, such a fabulous find! You look great!

  4. Love this skirt on you - the shape is super-flattering and shows off your lovely legs.

    And good for you making strides to be positive - I know we can't all always be happy all the time, but I think it's nice to try. I've been working on that myself at work.

  5. you go girl
    to quote Patti LaBelle
    "I got a new attitude
    I'm in contol, my worries are few
    oh oh I got a new attitude.

  6. Happy employers really are the best. I'm glad you're trying to have more fun at work!

  7. I totally read "crying" instead of "cycling" and I thought that was an interesting sport. I figured it was up there with channel surfing :D I did notice the skirt right away. Pretty purple!
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  8. Good morning sunshine! I love your new attitude, although I think you had this joyful side always in you, we juts forget about sometimes due to the tiredness and stress we go through...Anyway, I am so glad you are starting things with a smile! :)
    About the skirt, it would be a crime not to take it with you dear! Absolutely gorgeous on you!

  9. I read that last sentence too fast and thought you said your eyes were bloodshot from drinking..i thought to myself wow thats really honest :) Glad to hear it was just from swimming.