Friday, November 26, 2010

Remix 19: Concrete Friday

Day 19.  I'm in the stairwell at work.  Had to be quick before anyone caught me, and so I could pack up and get to a meeting I have with the City.  I was wondering if I put leopard in the printer, would that mean whatever I print would come out leopard patterned? That would be SO COOL!! Friday. It's thanksgiving in the US.  We were present to how grateful we were in October here in Canada, well we get the chance again as our American friends remind us of this day.  Thank you to all my great followers/visitors and blogger friends.  You Rock. You have made this so fun!!  You have helped me to avoid getting fashion citations!!

Have a super weekend everyone and I will be visiting to catch up on your outfits and how I can shake it up for the last 10 day stretch of the challenge!!  Benny, these are your earrings again, well DUH as if you wouldn't know that!!!

Remix Items: Tweed skirt, purple top, brown knee high boots.

Hugs everyone and someone please have a turkey leg for me!!! MWAH xoxo J


  1. Wow. You are getting SO good with the photos! I think an indoor photo shoot AND An outdoor photo shoot needs to be included in my birthday gift. :-)

    Uhm...I LOVE that you printed your scarf. How cool are you? Sheesh. That's ingenious. I love the stairwell photos. Great idea. Very good look!! And that purple is fabulous on you! Oh and LOOK at you painting your nails! WOW!

  2. Concrete Friday ROCKS that blouse..the tie is a great little touch on it:)
    LOVING the jewelry of course....Im so proud of you....awesome girlie!! Looking great!!

    Stop by and say Hello♥

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  3. I love your skirt, I'm looking for a heigh-waisted skirt in grey or black (so hard to find, why?) I just love not knowing where your going to end up taking your pictures!

    Thank you for the Happy Birthday! I had a great time! I took a little too many shots.. ended up in a shower, with my mum videotaping me on the other side of the curtain! Ha ha---- yeahh..

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Ps. How in the world did you do your last pictures in the snow?! It looks like you cropped yourself in them!

  4. The jacket and boots are so great!
    Love the stairwell pictures and what attitude!

  5. You look gorgeous and the setting for pics is awesome ! I like how the tights and earrings are finishing the look ...

    hugs from the cold , cold Montreal (freezing rain , brrrrrrrrr)

    Caro xxx

  6. Love love love those leggings!!!! I am dying for a red plaid pair to spice up some outfits.

  7. This is gorgeous - I really love the little hint of the argyle tights!

  8. ohhhh Holly, red argyle tights would be amazing!! if you find some you have to let me know where!! I will see if I happen to come across any in my travels too!!!

    we could be argyle sista's !! xoxo J

  9. First of all, I love your jacket! It's gorgeous.
    Second of all, I can't believe you're already so far into your remix! haha, but I think everyone is pretty far ahead of me.. oh well. :)
    Third of all, I looked through a bunch of your past outfits, and I'm really loving your style!

    -Megan Rose

  10. What nail polish color is that??!!?? I must have it now:)

  11. I saw your pics and thought, "I want that outfit!", then thought, "Someone else had to work today!", then saw from your profile that you're from BC and it wasn't DAT for you, then read your post. I was commenting to Required2BeInspired that there are some great BC fashion bloggers and I'll have to do a separate BC blogroll. Until then, I'll put you on my regular blogroll. I love your outfits. It's a good thing we can't shop otherwise I'd be perusing pencil skirts. I look forward to the rest of your outfits!

  12. You look so long and lean! I really like your stockings peeking out. That is a really great jacket & props to you for sneaking around work to get your photos!

  13. I love the purple and grey together, and those tights are awesome!

  14. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog Style Rush. This is the first time I've seen your blog and I really like it. Keep remixing!