Thursday, November 25, 2010

Remix 18: Colored glasses

Day 18.  I would never had paired the green sweater and leopard top.  Today I would have grabbed some boring old standby for comfort only and would have ended up looking and feeling frumpy. Frumpy is SO yesterday. I kicked Frumpy to the curb when I started this challenge. Thank YOU Kendi for the invitation to do this challenge.  I had a small window for the pics today so only got a couple that I really liked.  The snow here continues. Time to go out and  buy a ski-doo.  Or at least that's what they called them when I was growing up.  Now I  guess the cosmopolitan name is snow mobile.   For you American readers. Just for the record. Not all Canadian's ride dog sleds to work.  Some do. Those ones are from the north. Far far far far north. So far north you have to feed them with a sling shot (or so my mom would say:).

Remix Items: Black skinny pants, leopard top, green sweater, black boots.

And showcasing another pair of Bethany Jane Designs!! More to come.  Hey Bens, you didn't know I would be trying out all those earrings you gave me to sell at work did you???  oh I am SNEAKY...

Hi to new followers, SO great to meet you!!! MWAH xoxo Jodi


  1. Well it's been said that leopard print can be considered a it matches nothing, but goes with everything...or something like that!

  2. Awesome pics doll....I love the last one:) the first one is just toooo cute!! I love the leopard and of course the fabulous looking scarf....Im waiting for snow anyday now.....gotta run off to get ready for relatives:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
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  3. You look tres chic
    I love those gloves.
    Hope you had a great turkey day

  4. ohh the pics today were dark and didn't work all that well.. win some, lose some. .at least I know what is wrong exposure-wise and can learn from it.. that and rushin in wet weather... hmmm better find some better indoor shoots I guess!!

  5. Ooh, I love the green and leopard together. And those gloves are awesome too!

  6. Jodi,

    We Follow each other, but have never commented on each other. When I saw your re-mix here I felt complelled. The outfit is wonderfully creative. It shows your fun loving and imaginative style. Love your creative ideas in the photos.

    I got my Birthday Card from Anthro today. Did you get yours? We are both Sagittarius. Although I am actually Capricorn with Sagittarius risings depending on the calendar. Dec 22 falls on the cusp.

  7. That first picture is wonderful! I think the whole thing works incredibly well. The green and the print looks great and of course the black skinny jeans just pulls it all together!

    The Auspicious Life

  8. I love this outfit and the cute accessories. These pictures truly look phenomenal ... :)

  9. so chic and warm! really love the bold colours and print :)

    love kerry