Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Remix 16: Leather in Atlanta

Day 16.  Today's outfit is for Mr. Leather from Atlanta :0  you know who you are... Yes ladies, one of my male readers!! Very cool- anyway, you commented last time I wore this skirt so this ones for you!  But let it be known I can only have a few crushes at a time and right now Colette is my BFF especially for interviewing me here (earlier post today)!!  After today I will of course climb over her to find someone else to take me to the TOP, yes the top, one day I will rule the fashion world....  oh Jodi, snap out of it, it must be the sugar rush from the "Hippie Bar" I bought at the coffee shop where I met Benny today.  Anyway, excuse me for that bizarre interlude.

More strange men on location today.  Look what I am wearing. NO Jacket. My hands are RED cold. So this guy stops. Leans on the railing and starts a good ol long drawn out conversation while I am trying to be quick and not freeze (my balls off if I had them).  Do you know that kind of smile you give when what you are trying to say "F off?" (politely of course).  I had that smile. He didn't get it. So I packed up and left. Sorry, thats why you get these rushed photos today!!

Remix Items: Leather skirt, long black sweater, black longsleeve t-shirt, knee high brown boots.

Oh, and by the way, talk about double double... I was also featured over at Sidewalk Chic as part of Joann's Readers Showcase today.  STEP back, no stampeding for autographs PULLLEEEAASSE.

toodle doo for now, will be by to visit in a bit xox J


  1. Hi Jodi! Congrats on the interview and feature!

    Love these pics. Even though they were rushed, they are fab!
    And that skirt looks great on you!

  2. wow..you are one popular girl!!
    I love this leather skirt...I want it...or one just like it!

  3. LOL, Nat, I'll trade ya for that leopard coat you just made.. hah hah

  4. Hi Jodi! Thank you for the lovely comment earlier :). Leather is so nice on you (in a non-creepy way of course!). Love the outfit and the pictures. It is sooooo cold on the mainland today, when the highs are in the negative, that is just not right. We are not built for this weather lol. I totally understand that conversation, we get them often with the girls at work, I usually have to "interrupt" to go and get them to do some super "urgent" lol. Did I mention it is cold? :(

  5. Cute! I can't believe you're on Day 16! I feel like such a slacker! Must follow in Jodi's foot steps...


  6. I like it Jodi.. although holy cow girl I cannot believe you braved the weather down there... it's windy and cold on a sunny day let alone an icy day! eeek!


  7. I love your turquoise jewelry. This is the second leather skirt I have seen and loved this week.

  8. I love your boots and scarf! Cute outfit! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I really appreciate it.

  9. Hahaha...and yet another fabulous photo story....you should carry a sign with you and plant it in the ground while you take your pics...."Nothing to see here....keep moving"...hehehe....what a great photoshoot location...not bad for red freezing hands...you poor thing...:(

    Luv ya doll....:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Spotted Moth Giveaway♥

  10. Great leather skirt! You look fabulous... as always. Thanks for the nod and thanks for reading my blog. http://idontwearjeans.blogspot.com/

  11. I saw a skirt that looks just like your scarf, I instantly thought you of you Jodi! I wanted it sooo bad, but no new clothes for a while, then again, I might have to go back and get it!

    Is that a ring!? I love it where did you get it from? I used to have a fake pear cluster ring, but the paint started coming off.. it was an antique, I have been searching for a similar one ever since it started doing that.


  12. Congrats! Loved reading the interview. I feel like I've discovered a whole new world that's just perfect for me:)

    Woohoo! f


  13. Look at you Miss Popular! Yay, Canada! I saw the interview and you were brilliant! I tweeted about it ASAP! Yes, I believe one day soon you will conquer the fashionblog world!


    P.s. Love you in leather, mais Ouis!

  14. You look amazing in these photos and the scenery on the background is beautiful. I recently learnt about your photo story from Collette's blog and I think it is funny and impressive of the type of people you me while doing your photo shoots. You did an incredible job too.

    And yes, I am going to buy a tripod this weekend. I have been using some kitchen gadgets for a tripod for so long lol.

  15. You're doing your model thing! Braving the cold for a nice shot. Great outfit.

  16. another winner of an outfit and I absolutely love that first photo. What a creepy dude, I agree with Collette maybe you need sign :)