Friday, October 1, 2010

Lovely Ladies: Yvonne

I feel ALIVE!!
I really like wearing this outfit as it is sooooo comfortable and I feel alive and relaxed in it, and when I am relaxed, and comfortable I am more effective.

I have a body type where I am bigger in the  middle with a large waist, slim hips and thin legs. So in the past I would buy pants to fit my hips which meant I would have a very tight waist band that would dig into me all day.

So I LOVE these pants I bought at Reitmans as they have no zipper or buttons to do up, they are a stretch pants which fit snug around around the waist and hips.   These pants are a perfect fit for my body type they are so great for my larger tummy, as it smoothes the line instead of having bulky zipper and tight waistbands which cut me in 1/2 and add to the size of my tummy.

The Black camisole is simple and shows off my tan, and again black to make me look smaller and the blends in of course with the pants.  I put on this great bright blouse, which I found and I feel alive and invigorated. 

I love it and it can take me from early morning to cocktails at night, all I would need to do is add some Jewelry." Oh and did I say I Love the pants!!! PS they even have bling on the back pockets!!


  1. What a pretty outfit! The pants are perfect for you.

    I share the same body-type and sympathize with your difficulty in finding the right clothes to fit it.

  2. I like this outfit a lot, those trousers look super flattering x