Friday, October 8, 2010

Daily Outfit: Orange ya glad to see me?

I am in Hawaii, really!! I know this orange wall looks like it could be anywhere, but its true, its a building here in Kona (and its not the same one from yesterday!!).  To be honest,  I am playing around alot with photography and have been having a challenge getting the light right.  It's very overcast, soft light during the days and it makes things sortof dull looking.  This is taken after a 1 hour run out along Queen Kaahumanu Hwy.  Not fancy, but convenient and somewhat sporty- the halter style is better for me than small shoulder straps, and higher waisted shorts- these are  kindof paperbag style waist but is hard to see and are better on me than low waist.  I was thanking the fashion gods when higher waisted pants and skirts came back since those fit my hourglass better than other styles.  The turquoise bangle is my new best friend.. its made out of 1 piece of turquoise (unless I am a total sucker...) and I love bangles, so there you go.   If you know this is a hoax please tell me so I am not wandering around in bangle awe!!! Aloha!


  1. HI hunnie...glad you got the bracelet.....!! Yayy......:) You look great...hope you guys are having a blast!!

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  2. Hooray for the colour turquoise! And double hooray for more than one orange wall!