Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daily Outfit: Make the Best of IT

I'm baaaackk!  Yes, I have a temporary computer so I am back in action. You have probably guessed this about me already, but in case you haven't, anyone who has the determination and discipline to do long distance triathlons (Ironman) is the kind of person who makes things happen.  So I am making the best of it. This dress, in cooler circumstances would get a wider belt and some nude shoes with heels (I brought some, but way too impractical here).  But given that this week is all about preparation for Ironman World Championships, instead you get the dress as it came off the hanger and paired with purple teva flip flops.  Not the glam of other fancy ladies I have seen, but this is over my bathing suit, and right after a 2 hour workout so this is as good as it gets for today!!  Believe me, I am just happy I can download pics and catch up with you all now!! xoxo j


  1. Hi Hunnie.....sol glad to see you, what was the issue? strange huh?
    I think your dress is beautiful!!
    I have to hand it to you, Ive been to Hawaii many times, and I dont think Id be able to keep up with the outfit posts.....too makeup....just walking around in a bathing suit 20 hours a day, look great....hope you are doing well. When does the actual competition start? When are you leaving to come home again? (forgot)


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  2. You are doing the triathlon as well? My, my I am now beyond my stilettos impressed! For years, I've felt the pressure from colleagues to enter but I cannot swim to save anyone's life!

    Love the dress, casual like this is chic for Hawaii!


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  3. I love the dress. That photo of you on the walk way...FANTASTIC! I love the combination of the patterns on the dress and the patterns on the walk way! Love it! happy to have you back!!

  4. Yay! good job with getting computer-use back! Fantastic, love the colours in the dress (and the yellow door area). So excited for the triathalon for you :)

  5. that is a really neat pattern for the dress! and the color is fun too

  6. LOL, I know what you mean, I dont have any makeup on, and the hair is frizzy but I guess I'm willing to let you see the good, the bad and the ugly :) may be more ugly to come so prepare yourselves.. hah hah.

    Fiance is doing the race. I missed qualifying by a few spots so maybe next year.. this one is for the top athletes around the world and I haven't quite made it to that level yet... I've been doing the workouts with Fiance to keep him company though!

  7. wow ironman, thats some serious stuff. You look flippin amazing. If I had just worked out for 2 hours I would be in the fetal position on the floor

  8. Thank you! You are too sweet!
    I love how i am layering up military jackets and you are over there wearing beachy, floral dresses! I bet it is amazing over there!


  9. That dress is so pretty! It could work anywhere, but it is especially beautiful in Hawaii. Enjoy you trip, and continue the gorgeous pics!!

  10. great outfit!! i love your dress <3

  11. I LOVE that dress, and the location! It works perfectly together!