Monday, September 27, 2010

Daily Outfit: Quick Feet


These boots are like Wonder Woman boots.  I have super powers wearing them.. I have a heel that means business when I walk (click click click) and I can walk fast, almost run.  All I need is a cape and off I go.
This week is skirt and dress week.  I will be wearing skirts and dresses all week.  I usually do anyway but just thought I would point that out as some useless information!! I have trouble finding pants I like. Either they are too conservative, or they are too tight in the quads (because of my monster leg muscles.. look out!!).

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  1. totally know what you mean about the wonderwoman feeling... I get that too when it's a pair of heels I feel confident about.

  2. I love the superwomanness!
    I remember when I was younger knowing that someone athoritive was walking nearby when I could hear the click of heels..hehe

  3. Woot woot Jodi!!! Thanks for the shout out you sweet little ball of wonder woman powers!! hahahahaha...I love your outfit today...and wow, what a great location to take a pic at!!! You look amazing....Im loving those boots...and I hear ya sister with the pants...Im not a real huge fan of them either....I wear "thermies" in the winter as Im freezing all the time, them I resort to the pants...they look kinda silly under tights!! hahaha...have a great night babes!!

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  4. Great shirt! It really shoots out of the photo! xxx

  5. They are amazing boots haha :) I also really like the top it's a super flattering cut :) great outfit xx